Upcoming OISC Training Courses in London, Birmingham and Harrow


We Offer Intense Training

We offer intense training to anyone who wants to begin a new career as an Immigration Advisor. We offer a 1 day course for OISC Level 1 (LSC Probationer) training and a 2 day course for Level 2&3 (LSC Level1&2) training.

Our Capability

Our courses are tailor-made so they suit your needs and they comply with the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner and the Legal Service Commission. This helps students to gain extensive knowledge of the UK immigration system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unparalleled client service before, during and after training. Our courses are designed for people who would like a career change and secure their future by getting them ready for the OISC and LSC examinations.

Welcome to the OISC Training Center

OISC Training is one of the Largest Immigration Training Provider in the UK

We aim to provide the best service, before, during and after your Immigration Training. Our high pass rate is unrivalled, making us the most trusted and reliable training provider in the country. Our team of highly qualified and expert trainers have trained over 10,000 students over the years. On this website, you have the opportunity to book this course online. We offer weekend courses which suit most of our client’s who contact us due to their work commitments during the week. On the day of the training, you will notice the high quality of our training.

Please read below to get all the information you require to understand what the benefit of this courses are.

FREE Training Material with Level 1, 2 & 3 Training

Become OISC Certified Immigration Adviser with our 1 & 2 Day Courses For OISC Levels 1, 2 & 3. We offer a 1-day course for OISC Level 1 (LSC Probationer) training and a 2-day course for Level 2&3 (LSC Level1&2) training.


Become OISC Certified Immigration Adviser

We Are Most Trusted UK Immigration Training Provider. Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process.

Why OISC Training Centre

is your Top Choice?

OISC Training is a well renowned professional Immigration Training since quite some time now. Our intensive training courses are designed especially to shape up your career prospects in the field of Immigration law and advice and related areas. From as short and effective as our 1 day OISC Level 1 (LSC Probationer) training course to OISC Level 2 and 3 (LSC Level 1 and 2) training course, we have strategically planned and designed programs for individuals who look forward to securing their future as a distinguished Immigration Lawyer and Advisor.

Our aim as a Renowned Immigration Training Provider

OISC is a well established name in the field of Immigration Training. Our major aim as an institute is to ensure the smooth and clear flow of information to the mass at large, which generally gets affected pertaining to non-adherence or lack of clarity towards Immigration control. The crowd chiefly includes migrants and their families who are not well informed about changing rules and regulations. Immigration law is a pretty challenging concept involving complexities which a layman may not be adept at handling. That’s why we pave way for intelligent and steadfast Immigration lawyers and advisors by introducing effective immigration courses for those looking forward to a flourishing career in the field of Immigration Law.

Our course involves training lawyers and advisors who will later practice this special segment of law covering an entire spectrum of principles and details involving migration. Among the manifold goals, we aim to accomplish, offering insightful information related to concepts concerning minor to major aspects on immigration and staying abreast with such changing scenarios, is a top priority in our eyes.

Anyone interested to join in for OISC Training course is welcome to go through our website and understand our courses before taking a final call. Our courses are specially devised by experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field offering bespoke solutions according to individual needs. Visit our website to familiarise yourself with the kind of prospects you hold as a future immigration lawyer or advisor. Our training methods are unique, continually assessed so that you stay updated on all kinds of relevant changes pertaining to the law and its practice. OISC Training Centre is not a choice, it’s a necessity.


FREE Training for Level 1 when you book Level 2&3

Please Note: Information below has been adapted from the “Office of Immigration Services Commissioner” OISC official website www.oisc.gov.uk

To be accredited at Level 1 you should normally have at least 3 months full time or the equivalent part-time experience of providing UK immigration advice and services or 6 months full time or the equivalent part-time experience of non-immigration advice giving (such as Welfare, Debt, Housing, Legal or Employment) along with an up-to-date training course in immigration law which covers each area of work you are applying for.



This course allows those who have taken the OISC Level 1 and 2 or have equivalent knowledge to become registered at OISC Level 3. You may have been a level 1 or 2 advisors for some time or completely new to the industry, this course suits everyone looking for a life changing rewarding career.


Level 1

Straightforward business, family, visit, students cases. No Tribunal Work

  • Entry Clearance, Leave to Enter, Leave to Remain

  • Nationality and Citizenship
  • EU and EEA Law

Level 2

All cases including complex immigration cases and asylum. No tribunal work.

  • Entry Clearance, Leave to Enter, Leave to Remain

  • Asylum and human rights applications
  • Nationality and Citizenship
  • EU and EEA Law
  • Detention, Temporary Admission, Chief Immigration Office Bail.

Level 3

All cases including complex ones; Appearing at Tribunal

  • Entry Clearance, Leave to Enter, Leave to Remain

  • Asylum and human rights applications
  • Nationality and Citizenship
  • EU and EEA Law
  • Detention, Temporary Admission, Chief Immigration Office Bail.
  • Appearing Before the Immigration Tribunals