What is the purpose of this training?
We are a private training organisation and our aim is to train you on all aspects of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses. You may choose 1 or all 3 courses. You attend a class room where a lecture is given on all different areas of immigration law for the level you attend.

When and where is the training held?
Each level is for a day with Level 1 being on a Saturday and then you return the following weekend for Level 2&3 training. The course normally runs from 10:00 – 17:00 on each day. We have various different centres in the City of London, around Liverpool Street, Tower hill, Aldgate.

Do I do the exams at the end of the training session?
No, as mentioned, we are a private training company. Our aim is to train you for the exams. However, you contact the OISC directly for the exams when you are ready. You send an application to them for accreditation and once accepted, they invite you for the exam. The exam is normally held at one of their centres.

Is there a fee for the exam?
The exam is usually free, unless you sit the exam with LSC. LSC is a different accreditation body just like the OISC. However they charge you a fee for the exam. The OISC on the other hand, charge you a fee for accreditation. This fee varies for each level. For level 1 the fee is approx. £575, for level 2 it is approx. £1200 and for level 3 it is approx. £1700. This is payable every year to renew your accreditation.

Do you help with the application to the OISC?
We cannot apply on your behalf but, YES, we do provide you with various documents which would help you and guide you, including a step by step application guide.

Can I reschedule or cancel my course?
You may cancel your course within 24 hours of booking it. No refund is issued if you cancel after 24 hours. You may reschedule the course free of charge at least 7 days before the due date. There will be an admin fee of £40 + vat if you don’t comply with this.