Benefits of this course

Once you successfully complete our course you will be ready to sit your OISC Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 exam. Once regulated you will be legally allowed to practice as a UK Immigration adviser or caseworker, depending on the level of practicing certificate you have been granted. This could be your first step towards earning a salary you have always wanted to. UK Immigration advisors earn between £30,000 – £50,000 a year on average depending on the level of work they perform and experience. However it does not stop there as sky is the limit and you could even earn more than £50,000 once you have gained sufficient work experience.
As a level 1 advisor you would be allowed to give advice on the basic UK immigration rules, including Working Visa applications, Study applications, Points based applications, Further Leave to Remain and applications for marriage visa and permanent residency. You can even give advice on EEA (European) Law. Please note; it is a criminal offence to give advice if you are not regulated to do so. At The OISC Training Center we prepare you for the exams with the OISC.
As a level 2 & 3 advisor you would be allowed to practice on a much higher level including asylum cases, appeal cases, attend tribunal on behalf of your client, drafting bundles and applications to name a few.
Course Dates