OISC Training is one of the largest Immigration Training Provider in the UK. We aim to provide the best service, before, during and after your Immigration Training. Our high pass rate is unrivalled, making us the most trusted and reliable training provider in the country. Our team of highly qualified and expert trainers have trained over 10,000 students over the years. On this website you have the opportunity to book this course online. We offer weekend courses which suits most of our client's who contact us due to their work commitments during the week. On the day of the training you will notice the high quality of our training.

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Immigration Law Training – Your Pathway To a New Career

PLEASE NOTE: It is a criminal offence for anyone to give immigration advice or services in the UK unless they are regulated by the OISC, a regulated solicitor, barrister or legal executive (or European equivalent) or exempted by Ministerial Order.

The main elements required to secure a job in the immigration industry are a combination of the right qualifications and the certificate to practice. OISC Training Centre will help you through every step to achieve these. We have a number of UK Immigration lawyers, barristers and OISC regulated consultants on our panel with a combined experience of over 15 years. With their expertise and experience you will leave with extensive UK immigration knowledge which will help you succeed in your career in immigration. Potential clients want to take advice and assistance from people who have the confidence to deal with any complex immigration case. At OISC Training Centre that’s what we give you.

We Offer Intense Training

We offer intense training to anyone who wants to begin a new career as an Immigration Advisor. We offer a 1 day course for OISC Level 1 (LSC Probationer) training and a 2 day course for Level 2&3 (LSC Level1&2) training. This allows OISC Training center to provide you with in-depth training. Our aim is to become UK’s number 1 Immigration training provider and we know we can only achieve our goal by providing our client’s value for their money. Our mission is to provide unparalleled client service before, during and after training. Our courses are designed for people who would like a career change and secure their future. Our trainers practice UK immigration every single day of the week. They are always up to date with the current legislations and therefore what you will be learning will be recent immigration rules and regulations.

Our courses are tailor made so they suit your needs and they comply with the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner and the Legal Service Commission. This enables our successfully trained students to gain extensive knowledge of the UK immigration system and get them ready for the OISC and LSC examinations. We offer special discounts to group and corportate bookings.



A little bit about OISC – The governing body !!

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an independent, non-departmental public body set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. The OISC does not provide immigration advice or recommend or endorse a specific adviser. However once you have successfully completed our training and passed your exams you can work as an OISC regulated advisor, either for a company or on your own. The OISC is responsible for ensuring that all UK immigration consultants and advisers fulfill the requirements of good practice as set by the OISC.


A little bit about LSC – The governing body !!

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) runs the legal aid scheme in England and Wales. They work in partnership with solicitors and not-for-profit organisations to provide information, advice and legal representation to people needing assistance with UK Immigration and Visa.


What route can you take once you have attended the course.

OISC Training Center will prepare you to sit the exams directly with the OISC or even the LSC. As we offer intense, indepth training we have a high success rate. Therefore, once you have attended our team will give you the step by step guide to register with the regulatory body of your choice. Anyone who wishes to give advice on immigration has to be regulated. You can be an advisor for a company which is already registered with the OISC or LSC or you could set up your own business. The OISC will charge you a regulation fee which would depend on the level of immigration advice you wish to give, if you wish to be self-employed. As a Level 1 advisor the fee is £575 for the year going up to £1700 per year for Level 3 (This fee will be approximately £1200 after you have paid your first year fee). Normally you do not have to pay a fee if you work for someone. As an immigration advisor you assist people who require assistance with their immigration matters, be that filling out a form or representing them fully in front of a tribunal.




What to do next?

To take the next bold step towards a fantastic new career please choose from the available date by clicking on the “Course Dates” button. You can than book a course online through our secured online booking process.

Please note that our trainers will prepare you for the exams and you will have to sit the exams directly with The OISC or the LSC.


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